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Its always hard for me to describe myself, but here goes. Born and raised in the OC, spending a large portion of that in Irvine, CA. I enjoy reading. Started mostly with fantasy books, but have expanded into other genres as well of late. My favorite fantasy series is George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Have also been reading Micheal Connelly’s books of late. Good books just make the time go by so fast!

Favorite tv shows include Lost, 24, Heroes, and Smallville. You’ll probably see me blogging on these on more than one occasion. I used to love Buffy and Alias back in the day. Miss those a lot. And summer is movie time for me! I pretty much watch a movie every weekend during that time. Currently have an Xbox 360 too, so enjoying that as well.

I have an 8-5 Office Space job, with cubicle and all. That’s pretty much where you’ll find me the majority of the day….for better or worse.

I like traveling, having been to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Venice, Rome, Vatican City, and good old Chicago in the last couple years. Definitely planning on going more places. Maybe I’ll share some pictures and thoughts of those places.

As for me as a person, I’m very laid back and easygoing. I like to go with the flow of the group rather than leading it. Not a hard person to please and definitely very hard to anger. Its always fun to meet new people, so if you like what you read on this site, just shoot me an e-mail at jasers@jasers.com!

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  1. i like reading your articles when i want to be put to sleep

  2. hmmm i don’t think you can properly critique Phantom since you were in the nose bleed seats

  3. to read your blog , helps make me drowsy before bed, and cheaper than ambien

  4. Oh wow. This blog may induce narcolepsy. Jason, you owe me the 5 minutes you stole from me when I read… ZZZZZZZZZ

  5. I just read your comments about your financial conversion from PC to MAC back in 2009. I am in the exact situation TODAY! Only difference, I am 24 months forward from your article.

    Are you still using your own designed program and if so how has that worked out for you? How many large changes have you needed to make to the original version? I just want something simple. If you are pleased, is it possible for me to acquire a copy somehow?

    I just got my Mac last week after over 20 years of frustration with PCs. I really think it is the quality of the PC hardware and not the Microsoft Office programs, for the most part. But i just got fed up with all the crashing and the constant trouble.

    After finding you via google, I am subscribing to your posts.

    John in Pensacola, Florida
    “Where thousands live as Millions wish they could!”

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