Jul 232009

The other day I am eating in my break room with my co-worker.  I pretty much bring my lunch every day, and with it I usually include a couple fruit.  On this particular day, one of those fruits happened to be a peach.  Now, I always eat my peach without cutting it or using any utensils.  Just eat it like many people eat an apple, with my bare hands.  I don’t know how we started talking about it, but my co-worker started talking about how she never even imagines eating a peach without cutting it up.  Her husband doesn’t either (hehe, I wonder if he did before they were married!?  Haha…just kidding if you are reading this!!!  Gotta have my fun while you are away).

Anyway, how do all of you eat a peach?  My co-worker made it seem like its rude or not courteous or not the proper ettiqutte to eat a peach like that.  Is that the case?  Was I being uncourteous by eating my peach like that?  I always have done so, and honestly, even if every comment left on this post says I’m a caveman for doing so, I’m going to keep on doing so.  But, just wondering if what I do really is considered uncivilized!

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  1. just like an apple dood. the husband only doing that is reminiscent of someone we both know eating ribs with a fork!

  2. the best thing about fruits is that they’re self-packaged and then u can just bite into it. why would i mess with perfection?

  3. i want to find a cool way to eat one.. ;-;

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