May 072008

Still sick, but doing much better. Took the day off of work today, and here are my thoughts on that…

When you are at home, the day goes by so much faster than it does when you are at work.  Even when your head is throbbing.

What the hell is the point of a leafblower? I’m trying to sleep at various times during the day and hear those damn things going off. Seriously though, what do they do? Blow the leaf from your house into the street? Into your neighbor’s yard? All they do is waste gas and make tons of noise. Thank goodness they don’t wake me up in the morning or I’d be even more upset. If I have any readers who are gardeners or know someone who is one, can you tell me what the purpose of a leafblower is??

Still don’t have my appetite. My diet today:3 bowls of rice porridge (congee broth?), 1 package of strawberries, 1 yoplait yogurt, 2 tangerines, and 1 apricot. I had rice porridge for both lunch and dinner today. I always have that when I’m sick, whether my mom makes it or buys it. Do all Chinese people eat rice porridge when they are sick?

Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360 is an awesome game. I’m not a big first person shooter fan, but I played this for many hours today. I suck so bad when I play multiplayer online, but at least I’m having fun doing so.

My dogs literally sleep all day. I was in bed all day playing COD4 or sleeping, and both my babies were sleeping the whole time on my bed with me.

I need to buy a pair of sweats.  I have none.  I wanted to wear something comfy throughout the day, and all I have are jeans and khakis.  I just wore a pair of basketball shorts all day, and it made my legs cold.  I was “forced” to stay in bed to keep warm..:)

Casino Royale is a pretty good movie.  I don’t know if its my favorite Bond movie, but I enjoyed it.  I had reservations about Daniel Craig playing Bond, but I think he did a good job and will watch him in the next one.

I got like 6 calls from telemarketers today.  I could of sworn my number was on the do not call list.  I gotta fix that crap.

Barring another degeneration, I think I’ll be going back to work tomorrow.  I doubt I’ll be 100%, but oh well.  Its payday, so that’ll ease the pain.

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  1. sorry amigo i know is loud

  2. sorry to hear you’re sick. i don’t know if it’s the sickness blogging, but this post sure was random and everywhere. i luv it. LOL

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