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I don’t know what is harder to believe, that I am actually a dad, or that baby is already 3 months.  Both just seem so crazy to me.  But, 3 months in, here are random little things that I’ve noticed during this time.

The lack of sleep at the beginning is not an exaggeration.  During the first few weeks, you literally wake up every 2-3 hours.  It is just so tiring.  It is a lot better now, where more often than not we put her to sleep at around 11 pm after a final feeding, and she wakes up around 5 or 6.  Let’s see if that can keep up.  We will eventually have to move that bedtime much earlier.

I read a ton of things here and there about not relying on gimmicks to get your baby to sleep.  How you need to train her to sleep, not having to carry her then put her down, not putting her in a car seat to sleep, blah blah blah.  I think that is great and all, but it takes an incredible amount of discipline that I do not have.  When it is 3 am and the baby is crying and it is not the first time you have woken up that night, or even the 2nd time, you will do anything you can to get the baby to sleep.  Maybe when baby gets older we can be more disciplined, but at the beginning, sorry, I will use any and every trick to get her to sleep so that I can sleep.

Its funny the things we do for the baby that we find she likes.  After trying so many different things, I now know the position she likes to be in to prevent crying.  I can sway and rock on my legs to calm her.  I even hum/sing silly things with my off key and ugly voice.  I never remember entire songs, so I usually just repeat the same ten notes of a song over and over and over again.

Being one of the last people in your family or group of friends to have a baby has its advantages.  I would say that almost 90% of all the stuff we have was given to us.

I went to school for Public Health, so have always been a pro-vaccine person.  It just seems like common sense for the public’s health to me.  But, I never really gave it much thought and didn’t really care if others did not think the same.  If they didn’t want to vaccinate, good for them.  But, now with a baby, I can’t help but find those people to be stupid now.  Because they don’t want to vaccinate their kids, it puts my baby at risk since she is too young to get certain vaccinations?  I agree with the doctor that called these parents selfish.  Also, I do not buy the argument that vaccines exist to help the pharmaceutical companies make money.  Everyone knows that these companies make tons more money treating diseases than they do preventing them.  Why the heck do you think your insurance provides you a free physical and flu vaccine every year?  To prevent disease rather than treat them saves them money.

Speaking of vaccines, its scary watching your baby get poked in the legs multiple times for a vaccine.  I’ve gotten tons of shots and never really cared.  But, when you see your baby get poked and start crying, you just cringe.

What is with all these moms and all these sites that are so pro-breast feeding, to the point that they look down on those that do not do so?  What happens if the mom can’t breastfeed?  And what if she just doesn’t want to?  We feed breastmilk, but also use formula too.  The next time anyone ever makes a comment to us, I so want to just tell them we can’t have kids and so adopted thus have to use formula.  STFU and mind your own business.

Ummm, it is not just little boys that squirt pee out.  Oh, and poop can totally squirt out too, as I have unfortunately learned.  And she goes through like at least a dozen diapers every day!

I think reviews for things like diapers or bottles are great, but in the end they don’t really matter.  You can have the best reviewed bottle in the world, but if your baby doesn’t like it, you are not using it.  After experimenting here and there found a bottle she likes and found some diapers that, I guess for her body, leak out the least amount of time.

We have two dogs at home, a little lhasa apso and a larger labrador retriever.  From the beginning, the little one is always curious about the baby and trying to lick her and see what is going on.  When the baby starts crying, she always runs to the room to see what is going on.  The big dog?  She will smell the baby here and there, but for the most part will ignore her.  I think that when the baby gets older and able to play with her, then the big dog will be more interested.

Buy bibs.

Funny how whenever we visit anyone with baby in tow, the first thing people do is pick up the baby.  It’s like the only time I can relax now.  🙂

I’ve always said that there is no such thing as not enough time, just how you choose to spend the time that you do have.  I hear so much things like, “oh, I don’t read, I don’t have enough time” yet they had enough time to watch this movie or that tv show or play that game, etc.  Well, I still stand by what I say, but I’ve found that oh so much more of my time is devoted to baby, and I’d just rather do that than play my Wii U or Xbox One, which I’ve not really touched since baby came.  I’ve still made time to read, though now I only do so during my lunch breaks at work.

Not that I didn’t already know, but freaking infant care is expensive.  We went to a handful of places around our home and finally chose a place that we just felt most comfortable with.  It wasn’t the cheapest place we visited, nor the most expensive, but it will still set us back a good amount each month.  Se starts there the end of this month and mom is going back to work next month.  Hopefully everything works out there and we don’t need to scramble to find another place before she starts work again.

Day to day, it’s  crazy watching her grow.  All of a sudden the diapers are not as loose as they used to be and you need to get the next size.  Or the clothes that used to be too long are now too tight.  Happens so quickly.  Can’t believe she has grown so much in 3 months.  Let’s see what happens the next 3 months!

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  1. although currently childless, i agree with you on pretty much all points! hope fatherhood is treating you well, and that you are getting more sleep and a smidgen of video gaming 😉

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