Oct 192014

Gone Girl

The wife and I watched Gone Girl this weekend.  I read and quite enjoyed the book a year or so ago, as did the wife.  I was interested in how they would do the movie since the book has the audience thinking one thing throughout, and then half-way through the book, there is a huge plot twist that just changes everything around.

For the most part, the movie is pretty much the same as the book.  There are small differences here and there, but the main plot points are the same.  Some characters got bigger play in the book than the movie, some characters were in the book, but did not exist in the movie.  But, for the most part, you are getting the same story, just played out in front of your eyes.  That is, Ben Affleck playing a husband in an otherwise unhappy marriage to “Amazing Amy”, played by Rosamund Pike.  Affleck gets a call that his cat is out and the front door is open.  He returns home and finds his wife is not there and the house has had a struggle.  Finding it odd, he calls the police.  But, because he acts so strange and aloof, and small clues point to him, the police soon think that he is the one responsible for his wife’s disappearance, or more likely, murder.

I won’t really mention more for those who have not read or seen the movie, since so many people are so shocked when they discuss that aforementioned twist.  All I’ll say is that the movie does stay true to the book and I think they did a good job overall with it.  Ben Affleck continues his streak of good movie acting roles here, something Warner Brothers hopes will continue when he plays the next Batman.

I think that if you have not read or seen the movie, you should do one or the other.  It’s a good book/movie and I think if you do one of them you will enjoy it.  If you have already read the book, I’m not sure you have to watch the movie, unless you are interested in watching how they put the words to film.  Although, this is not an action movie with tons of fighting and special effects, so it’s not quite as interesting watching how your imagined words play out on film.

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