Jun 092014

Edge of Tomorrow

Continuing on with my summer blockbuster movie fare, we took in Edge of Tomorrow this past weekend.  Tom Cruise plays an officer in the media relations department in one of the branches of the US military.  His goal?  To get recruit people to fight in the war against the Mimics, an invading alien species intent on taking over the Earth.  He is in this department mostly to avoid any actual fighting.  That all changes though when he is reassigned to shoot his PR films on the actual battlefront.  He goes into battle soon thereafter and he dies….but wait.  Immediately after dying, he wakes up at the exact same time, on the previous day.  A confused Cruise soon finds out that for whatever reason, whenever he dies, he always immediately goes back in time and wakes up at that exact moment.  He gets better and better each time, eventually meeting Emily Blunt and saving her from dying since he knew what was going to happen to her.

After saving her, Emily Blunt lets him know what she used to have this exact same power and so she trains him each newly restarting day so that the two of them can come up with a plan to finally defeat the Mimics.  Throughout the movie, it appears that Cruise relives the same day maybe a couple dozen times, but as you listen to the dialog, it’s apparent that he has done so many more times than that.  I think Emily Blunt’s character said that she went through the same day 300+ times before she lost her power.

I know that Tom Cruise’s box office draw is not what it used to be, but I have to say that this film was very fun and entertaining.  Cruise is great in this, playing the coward that becomes a hero because of this power he has inherited.  The fighting was fun, the story interesting, and the jokes quite funny.  The movie was like playing an old school video game.  Remember when games used to be really hard and you could not get past a certain point?  Every single time you died, you then had to restart from the same spot, either trying something different or just getting better with your previous strategy?  That’s exactly what it felt like watching this movie as Tom Cruise (uses a life) wakes up again and again at the same spot because what he tried previously failed to work. He eventually gets past one point, only to be met with another difficult spot thereafter.   It was a very fun movie, and a different from the many comic book superhero movies I’ve been watching of late.  Go watch the movie if you like sci-fi action flicks or Tom Cruise or if you just like a good, entertaining movie.

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