May 272014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the latest in the X-Men movie franchise and tells one of the most popular stories in the comic books.  The world is now a terrible place to live as giant robots called Sentinels have been created to kill all mutants and mutant supporting humans.  It has created a war in which there is no longer any place safe to live, whether you want to have anything to do with mutants or not.  These robots are so sophisticated that they can instantly adjust to any mutant power used against them and so for all intents and purposes, cannot be defeated.  The X-Men realize that the world as they know it is over.  So, the only way to fix everything is to go back in time and make sure Sentinels were never created in the first place.  So, they send Wolverine back in time to convince the younger Professor X and Magneto to work together and stop all of this from happening.  And so this is how they are able to make a movie that uses the original cast of X-Men with that of the cast of X-Men:First Class.

The movie, for the most part, is a sequel to X-Men: First Class, with small roles for the original cast, outside of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.  I actually really liked First Class, and I have to say that I enjoyed this one as well.  Michael Fassbender makes and excellent Magneto.  You can just imagine him being so, not necessarily evil, but rather focused and intense on doing things his way with his beliefs.  He is just great.  Nothing against Ian McKellen, but I hope any future X-Men movies have Fassbender playing Magneto.  Actually, in fact, I hope any future X-Men movie has the First Class cast rather than the original, as I’ve really liked these last 2 movies.

As with all movies and stories with time travel, it raises a lot of questions, which I think is fine.  What it does, however, is pretty much make all the previous X-Men and Wolverine movies moot as they now have never happened and are on a new timeline.  Yes, sorry, I might have spoiled you there, but you all knew the good guys were going to win, they always do in these types of movies.  They’ve already announced that Apocalypse will be the next bad guy/storyline in the movie franchise.  I’m just wondering which cast they will use.  I already stated that I hope it’s the newer one, but if that is the case, then is the next movie also going to take place in the 70’s, or maybe 80’s?  Anyway, I liked this movie and if you like the X-Men or comic book movies in general, I think you’d like it as well.  I do really like the fact that this movie just tells a good story and is fun in the process.  It doesn’t use this movie for the sole purpose of launching another movie or franchise, as the Amazing Spider-Man 2 disappointingly did.  Or what the upcoming Batman v Superman appears to be doing, based on its new title Dawn of Justice.  Just freaking tell a good, self-contained story and the franchise will come after.  How hard is that to understand?

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