May 052014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

As Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character, you knew I had to watch this film even though I thought rebooting it so quickly was kind of lame.  Yes, people like me are why studios can keep getting away with this crap.  Regardless, took this movie in last weekend.

This time around, the webslinger continues his relationship with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, who I think everyone has to admit have great chemistry on screen together.  Spidey continues his quest to discover what happened to his parents.  Electro is created and faces off against our web crawler.  Peter Parker once again meets up with Harry Osborn again after many years apart.  Harry Osborn becomes the goblin and also faces off against Spider-Man.  The Rhino is introduced.  If you think that’s a lot, well it is.  Too much stuff happening in one movie.  Way too much.

Did I enjoy the movie?  Yes, but I think that I am slightly biased because I have always loved Spider-Man, and unless this movie was just complete trash, I probably would have enjoyed it.  But, even that being said, I have to admit that they just crammed way too much stuff into this movie.  From what I understand, Andrew Garfield is signed on to be in two more Spider-Man movies after this.  That’s two more whole films!  Why did you have to cram so much into this one film when there are still two more to go?  As expected, the movie seemed a bit on the long side with all of these different plots put into one movie.

But, that really isn’t the only thing wrong with the movie.  I don’t know if the director was a fan of Batman and Robin or what, but Jamie Foxx’s Electro was terrible.  He reminded me of Mr. Freeze.  And his lines were just as bad.  I don’t want to say that Foxx mailed it in, but he definitely did not have a lot to work with here.  His character and how he began hating Spider-Man was pretty lame.

The biggest beef I had with this film is that it seemed more like it wanted to set the franchise up for further movies and spinoffs in the future, rather than tell a good, succinct story.  Yes, the fight scenes were good and yes the scenes that Peter and Gwen have together are great.  But, trying to use this movie for the sole purpose of setting up future films sucks.

There actually is something else I want to talk about, but it is a major spoiler to the ending of the film.  So be warned, if you don’t want to know, stop reading.

Seriously, it’s a major spoiler.

Anybody who is a fan of the Spider-Man comics knows that one of the most famous moments in comic book history was the death of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s first (and some same only true) love.  She died while Spidey was fighting the Green Goblin.  Well, that comic book moment happened at the end of this film, with Gwen falling to her death in much the same way in happened in the comics.  And as expected, it was a very sad scene.  Even though I knew this happened in the comics, I didn’t really think it would happen in this movie.  But, when I saw the Goblin grab her and then drop her, I knew it was coming.  As I said earlier, Garfield still has two more Spider-Man films to go.  I think that just about everyone would agree that the best moments of the film involved Gwen and Peter together as they are great on screen.  So, my question is why kill her off so soon?  Why not just have Electro in this movie, and then Green Goblin in the 3rd movie and kill her off in that one?  Then he can spend the 4th film moping or meeting up with Mary Jane, or whatever.  By killing her off so soon, especially since it just wasn’t necessary since as I’ve said numerous times above they just crammed so much into this movie, you no longer can look forward to any more scenes of her with Peter.  Being the sucker that I am, I will still watch those future films, but how about the average Joe?  With no more Gwen, what are they going to look forward to in the future?  Because if its more bad guys like Mr. Freeze, I mean Electro, then I can’t say that I’d be too excited.  Everyone knows that what makes Spider-Man great is not just the bad guys he fights, but the regular person he is in real life as well.  Here’s hoping that whoever they cast as Mary Jane will have as good connection on screen with Garfield as Emma Stone did.

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