Mar 182014

300: Rise of an Empire

I went and saw 300: Rise of an Empire with some friends this past weekend.  As the title implies, it is a sequel to the movie 300, which came out something like 7 years ago I think.  I saw 300 only one time, at the movie theater so unlike the friends I saw this with I totally forgot the small details of what happened in that movie.  Just the big stuff, like how 300 Spartans defend against what seem like thousands of enemies, only to finally all die at the end.  I remember it being a good movie and enjoying it, but it was one of those movies in which I never thought there would be a sequel, nor did I think one was really needed.

And so we come to this latest movie.  I wouldn’t so much as call it a sequel, but rather a story which takes place at the same time as the events that occurred in 300.  It starts a little before the events of the first movie and ends a little after it.  But, for the most part, it is rather similar in that the good guys are vastly outnumbered by the bad guys, but against all odds, they keep winning their battles against the evil, invading bad guys.  The main difference between the movies is that this one takes place on boats on the Aegean Sea with mostly farm hands fighting to defend democracy in Greece, while the original was on land, with the mightiest of warriors in the Spartans fighting.  Yet, despite the protagonists only being farm hands and not mighty Spartans, they keep winning their battles.

After watching the movie, I will still stand by my first thought in that a sequel really was not needed.  I suppose the CG is better (or at least much cheaper) today than it was 7 years ago since there is a lot more fake, splattering blood after each vicious kill and with all of the battle scenes involving boats ramming other boats on the sea.  But, like most Star Wars fans think, more CG does not a better film make.  The movie was not bad in any way.  It was entertaining.  The fight scenes were good.  Eva Green is hot as always.  Overall though, it just was not as good a movie as the original.  I believe the movie made decent money, so even though I believe a 3rd movie is not really needed, I would not be surprised if there is one made, as this one ended in a way that you can plausibly see one being made.  Guess it just depends on how greedy the movie executives are in a few years.

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