Mar 112014

This past Monday, my alarm sounded and not since the previous year, I struggled mightily to turn my alarm off, get up, and start my day.  It was painful.  This morning?  The exact same thing.  And I am pretty sure this torture will continue for the rest of this week at the minimum.  If history is any indication, I will not get back to a totally normal sleep/wake up schedule for at least a couple of weeks.

And for that I am complaining once again about how stupid daylight savings time is.  What the hell purpose does this serve?  It is asinine to have a law just for the sake of “it’s always been like that, so why change it?”  Seriously, is there any other reason out there for not doing what the rest of the world does?  I can’t think of one that is relevant any longer.  We are no longer a farming society that needs that extra hour of daylight so to finish more work.  All this does is probably cause more accidents, more employees coming to work late, more inefficient and groggy employees at work.  Can anyone point to any studies that shows DST actually helping us in any way?  Just give me one reason which benefits our entire nation?

I’m not sure if the rest of the world used to do the same as us and change their clocks like this yearly.  But, what I do know is that most of them do not do it now.  Why?  Is this a whole metric/english system thing where we want to be different from the rest of the world and say screw it, you have to adjust to us because we are a superpower and if we want to be the only ones in the world to do something, suck it.  I MIGHT actually understand or buy why we still use the english system.  I suppose it could be inconvenient to teach everyone to use a new measuring system that is different from what they learned their entire lives.  And it might cost many businesses a lot of money to make them change how they do business.  Fine, I get that.  Whatever.  But, passing a law that says we no longer have to change the clocks every year will not affect us in the same way at all.  Actually, it will affect us in that we will no longer be inconvenienced!   Freaking pass a law now.  It is insane that a few weeks out of every year, we have to force our bodies to get used to some arbitrary change in the clocks that benefits no one.  I would hypothesize that in fact it may not be physically healthy to do so.  Not saying it is harmful, but it definitely isn’t healthy.  We are already a very sleep deprived nation, so why add to that?  End the madness now!  And that is my annual rant.  Tune in next year when I will complain and cry and whine and bitch once again.

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