Mar 102014

The wife was out one weekend and I was thus home alone to fend for myself.  I bought some things, did some errands, made my typical instant noodle lunch with some dumplings, took the dogs to the park, played some video games.  So, you know.  The typical being lazy and vegging around the house type thing.  Then came time for dinner.  I decided to eat some Hawaiian food at a place that I have not been to for years.  There is a pineapple chicken dish there that I used to always get and was always the only thing I ever bought there.  I ordered it, ate it, and started thinking, this is not as good as I remember it.

Now, it could be that they no longer make it the same way.  Or it could be that it just happened to be a bad day.  But, I really do not think that is the case.  Why?  Because over the last few weeks, I have come to realize something.  This was not the first time that I ate some food and started thinking, this is too salty, or too sweet, or too much MSG, etc.  I’ve never really thought that way about food before unless they freaking soaked the food in salt or something.

I am by no means a health freak, but I wonder how this change in taste came about.  Is it just me getting older?  Is it all mental in that inside I know that I need to start eating healthier?  Is it because the wife?  It’s not like each of these events have been happening where I think they are really tasty, but that I feel guilty for eating it so need to turn them away.  No, it’s just that while eating it, I felt that it was just too salty or too this or too that.  It’s got to be mental right?  I am not sure, but in the case of that chicken dish, I don’t really anticipate ordering it again.  I’m not going to never go to that place again or swear off Hawaiian food, but if I do go back, just going to try something different.  Maybe food, like other activities, just change as you get older.  Many of my friends say nowadays that clubs are just not there thing anymore when they used to go every weekend.

But, this still doesn’t really make complete sense to me because there are still a lot of foods that I eat which are not healthy at all.  Now, I’ve never really been a fast food guy.  Just never interest me.  It’s not that I’ve never gone before, but it was only something I did when everyone else went, or there was nothing else around and I was hungry.  And I’ve never been a soda person either.  Just never liked the taste.  But, put a milk shake in front of me and I will still devour it today.  Cheesecake?  Cookie?  Muffin?  Yum.  The aforementioned Korean noodles?  Not like that is healthy.  I always bring leftovers to work for lunch, but when I have none, I usually just bring a frozen chicken pot pie or burrito. Not exactly health fare either.  So, what exactly is it?  Maybe when I spend money on something that costs more than a few bucks I just have higher expectations for it?  As in, I expect it not to give me a heart attack?  Not really sure, but maybe this is just the start of me turning the corner and starting to eat healthier.  Maybe…

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