Feb 012014

I am a little over a year past my PRK surgery to correct my vision.  I just wanted to put together all the posts I’ve written regarding this surgery for those that are thinking of going through the same thing.  It is a scary thing to contemplate, as this is your vision!  Trust me, I went through the same thing.  Here are my thoughts on the entire procedure, and I have also included a video of my half of my surgery.  Hope that doesn’t gross you out.  I removed the sound, but it shows the doctor removing the front layer of my eye, the laser actually doing it’s thing, and then the clean up.  I’m seeing great one year after the surgery, so I totally encourage you to find a great doctor and do the same thing.

New year New eyes: upcoming PRK surgery

PRK tomorrow, one more day with glasses!
PRK Surgery Day
Post PRK – Day 1
Post PRK – Day 2
Post PRK – Day 3
Post PRK – Week 1
Post PRK – Week 2
Post PRK – Week 3
Post PRK – Week 4
Post PRK – Week 6
Post PRK – Week 9
Joys of Vision
Post PRK – Month 4
Post PRK – Month 6
Post PRK – One Year

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