Feb 012014

I cannot believe it has already been one year since my PRK surgery.  It just went by so fast.  I am so used to not wearing glasses anymore, such that whenever I see a picture of myself with glasses from over a year ago, it looks funny to me.  Funny how you can get used to things so quickly.

I went in for my final post-operation follow-up appointment recently.  During this appointment, I found out that each eye individually is slightly better than 20/25.  When both eyes are open, I’m very close to 20/20.  I believe that this is the same vision that I had at my 6 month appointment.  Not bad, especially considering that living day to day, I don’t really struggle to see anything that I am looking at.  When it comes to reading, it is normal for me, whether it be a piece of paper, my Nook, my laptop, or my monitor at work.  I don’t need to bring the words closer to my face to read.  While at the appointment, my doctor told me that he did not try to overcorrect my vision, because if he did, I would probably need reading glasses sooner.  As it is now, he thinks that I will probably not need these glasses until well into my 40’s.  Here’s hoping.   He also let me know that if my vision got worse, he would be willing to correct my vision again with the laser.  He doesn’t anticipate that will be necessary though.

As for my actual eyes?  When he saw me, he said they looked great and he saw no scarring.  He also noted that my eyes were not dry at all, which is good since I had not put any eyedrops in for the last day or so. I’ve found that unlike when I first did the surgery, I am using my drops much less nowadays, none even on many days.  I do notice, though, that my eyes are much more sensitive to cigarette smoke.  I was in Vegas recently, and my eyes were always red there, and I can only assume it was the smoke or perhaps the air was drier there.  Regardless, I was using drops a lot more during that time.

But, now that my final appointment is over, what are my final thoughts?  I am very happy with my results and am glad that I went through with it.  As I probably said during a previous post, it is just so nice to be able to wake up in the morning and just be able to see what time it is on the clock across the room.  My doctor was great and I am happy that I chose him.  He was very helpful and patient with me at the very beginning, and that did not change in the last year that I’ve seen him.  The only regret that I can think of at the moment is that I did not do this surgery sooner.  That is a far cry from the feeling I had right after the surgery, when I was worried that my vision was screwed up and would not heal correctly.  But, as time went by, what my doctor told me came to fruition, and here we are one year later.  Not bad for someone who used to be -7.75 and -6.75.  Thus, very happy with my results, and I would encourage anyone who wears glasses or contacts to do the same.

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