Jan 202014

I was in Chicago for most of last week for a work training class.  Some thoughts on that little visit.

I was in Chicago a few months back too for another training class, and I can say without a doubt the first visit was much more pleasant!  OMG, it was cold this last week.  Spare me the So Cal boy not being able to handle cold weather.  I had on a sweater, jacket, beanie, scarf, and gloves, and it was still cold.  Lest you pick on me for being a So Cal, I can tell you that when I was walking around Chicago the prior time in much more pleasant weather, the streets were much more crowded.  So, it wasn’t just me!

I’ve been in cold weather before, but never in a city like that.  I have been to the mountains where there was snow, but for some reason, that cold just feels different.  Maybe because it’s psychological and I see snow all around?  It got colder throughout the week that I was there, starting from the low 30’s at the beginning, and then ending somewhere in the teens and low 20’s.  Yikes.  Good thing I missed that polar vortex.

That all being said, I still had fun walking around Chicago despite the cold.  Even with all my clothes on, I could feel the chill.  After dinner, I always just jumped in the shower and it felt so good.

The malls of Chicago have pretty much the exact same stores as other malls.  the only difference between the malls there and those in So Cal was that those in So Cal too up much less space, but had a lot more floors.  I think the food court I had lunch at on most days was a mall that was something like 4 or 5 floors.  And then above that mall I think were just office buildings or a hotel or something like that.  The actual building was something like 60 floors?

As I do with all of my visits to Chicago, I had a deep dish pizza for dinner, and I was not disappointed.  I went to a place called Lou Malnati’s, and I will say that it was much better than the place I went to my last trip, which I think was called something like Giordano’s.

I’ve been to Chicago a few times now, and I do like it there.  If only it did not get so cold in the winter.  (I’ve never been there in the summer, but I’ve been told it’s really hot and humid.  I so take for granted the awesome weather of So Cal.)  It is a huge city in which public transportation and walking can get you wherever you want to go.  I guess in that way it is similar to New York.  It feels much different from New York though.  It doesn’t have as much energy or the frenetic pace that New York has, and I don’t think that is a bad thing.

I would definitely go to Chicago again for a vacation, and probably will do so some time.  I’ll probably just do so in the spring or fall though.  My wimpy So Cal body can’t take the winter chill.

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