Dec 262013

American Hustle

On Christmas night, I went to see the movie American Hustle with the family.  I can’t really remember, but I think it was the first time I’ve ever watched a movie on Christmas night.  And I can tell you that it was extremely crowded.  Apparently Christmas is a popular movie going night, at least it was at the theater I went to.  I suppose it makes sense. There is no other place open for people to go to if they don’t want to spend the entire night at home.

Anyway, we decided to watch American Hustle, a movie about a couple of con artists (Christian Bale and Amy Adams) that con people out of money.  But, they are finally caught by an upstart FBI agent in Bradley Cooper.  Cooper is out to make a name for himself, so he doesn’t want to just arrest this couple, but rather use them to lure in bigger fish.  Cooper’s eyes get bigger and bigger as he wants to catch higher and higher profile people.  No small town crooks, but local government officials, Congressmen, and even the mafia?  But, before long, they get in too deep, despite the warnings that Bale throw at Cooper.  Are they able to get themselves out of it?

I thought this was a great movie.  You know it is a movie about conning others, but as the movie plays out, you are not really sure who is conning who sometimes.  Bale and Adams talk about their plan in the movie, but is that really the plan they are going to go through with?  If you like movies like the Sting, then you have to watch this.  All of the actors did a great job in their roles, with the one standout for me being Jennifer Lawrence, playing the wife of Christian Bale.  Katniss Everdeen she is not in this film.  Her character was so great and hilarious.  Funny movie overall, but I just thought her character was just so crazy and funny.  She got nominated for a Golden Globe award, as did pretty much all of the cast.  As I mentioned, they all did a great job.  Christian Bale probably added a lot of weight for this role, as this was a far cry from him playing Batman.

I am pretty sure that this movie will be nominated for multiple Academy Awards, and for good reason.  Go watch it.

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