Dec 022013

Catching Fire

During the long Thanksgiving weekend, I watched the 2nd in the Hunger Games trilogy.  I generally like to watch the movies of books that I’ve read which I at least somewhat enjoy.  This was no exception.  I did watch the first movie as well and will probably watch the last one too.  Here is hoping that they will not pull a Twilight or Hobbit money grab and make this into more than one movie when it was just one book.

This latest movie has our main character Katniss back at home with Peeta, after the two of them survived the Hunger Games.  But, the nightmare is not over yet.  Katniss has now become a symbol of rebellion against the Capital, and President Snow is going to do whatever it takes to stop any sort of rebellion.  He needs to get rid of her, so how does he go about doing that?  With the next Hunger Games of course!  But, in this version of the games, only previous winners are selected to enter, so that will solve Snow’s problems right?  All will be over when she dies in the games and things can go back to normal!  But, things can’t be that simple or there would be no third book/movie.

I read the book a while ago and so do not really remember how much of it they changed in the movie.  My memory could just be shot, but I generally got the sense that they pretty much stuck to the story.  I think that if you liked the first movie, then you will like this one.  Although, like the book, I enjoyed the first movie better than this one.  If that trend continues, then the next movie will probably be my least favorite.  I will say that the movie seemed pretty long.  It starts off pretty slowly.  I understand that they wanted to set it up and show Katniss’s life going crazy as a result of surviving the Hunger Games, but sometimes that internal strife plays out better on paper than it does on the big screen.  After the movie, I saw that it ran for about 2.5 hours, so it’s definitely not on the shorter side.

But, in the end, I found it was a good movie.  It was pretty much what I expected and so I was not disappointed.  I’m curious as to how they will play out the 3rd movie, so will have to just wait and see.  Actually, what I am most curious about is how they will end that 3rd movie as I’m not really sure they will keep it the same as it is in the book.  Will have to see I suppose.

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