Nov 192013

A couple years ago, my dad won a Kindle.  He doesn’t read, so he gave it to me.  I started reading all my books on the Kindle and have not really read a physical book ever since.  Well, my Kindle died a couple weeks ago.  No matter what I did, it would not work anymore.  I called Amazon and he walked me through some trouble shooting tips, but it still did not work.  So, he said that it was dead and that I needed to buy a new one.  He offered me a discount, but I told him I’d call back after I did some research.

Well, I went on Craigslist and saw a person selling a Nook for 40% off the normal price.  I just bought it.  It was new and still sealed.  After registering the product, I got $5 bucks in credit with it and I bought Robert Jordan’s final Wheel of Time book A Memory of Light.  After reading those first couple pages, I don’t really have any in depth review of the device, but a few initial ones.

Firstly, the Nook is smaller than my last Kindle Keyboard.  It’s about the size of a paperback, maybe a little larger.  Pretty light.  I like the placement of the page turn buttons better on the Nook than my Kindle.  It’s a smaller size, so when I carry it, my fingers are already on the buttons and I can just click it when it is time.  Plus, it is not easy to push them accidently.  I think it’s actually about the same size as the latest Kindle.  I probably would have gotten the Kindle again if I could have gotten it for the same price, without their stupid ads.

The display on this is pretty much the same.  All these eReaders use eInk, so I don’t really notice a whole lot of difference here.  I do like these eInk screens better than phones and tablets.  When my Kindle was out of commission, I was reading my book on my phone, and it was fine and all, but when reading for long periods of time, my eyes get tired.

The Nook works almost exactly the same as the Kindle when using the awesome program Calibre.  Thus, no real difference in that regard.

Pretty much all the eBook stores sell books at the same prices, so no real difference between Amazon and Barnes there.  I suppose I could shop a little more in that I can easily put books bought on Google or Kobo on my Nook as well.  But, that is not really a huge deal.  I can put books on Amazon on the Nook too once I strip the DRM.  As such, I did not feel any necessity to buy a Kindle.

Also, I wasn’t really happy that the device broke down so quickly.  My laptop is older and works fine still.  And I bet it has a lot more moving parts within.  If I could have gotten the Kindle at the same price (without the stupid ads), I might have considered getting it.  But, with it being more money, I just felt the Nook was a better deal and pretty much served the exact same purpose, namely reading on an eInk device.  Thus far, I am happy with the purchase and hope that it lasts longer than my old Kindle.

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