Oct 282013

This past weekend, I watched Bad Grandpa, starring Jackass’s Johnny Knoxville.  This hidden camera “movie” basically has Knoxville dress up as an old man and pretend to be the grandfather of a young boy whose mom is going to jail for drugs and whose dad just wants him to collect money from the government.  Well, that’s what the “story” is.  It’s just a bunch of hidden camera scenes put together in a fake movie.  I never saw Borat, but I’ve been told it is very similar to that.

But, was it funny?  I will say that I did laugh at many of the scenes.  I thought the little boy they cast here did a great job, as did Knoxville as the 80+ year old grandfather.  But, most of the scene that I laughed at were the ones I already knew about as they were in the trailer.  The non-trailer clips did not have me laughing as hard.  Also, I’m not really sure that them putting the clips together into a pseudo story made the movie any better.   I think anyone who watches the film knows that it is a bunch of hidden camera clips put together.  The “story” here is just for show and doesn’t really add to anything.  It’s kind of like the “story” they have on porn films.  People who watch porn don’t watch for the story, so not sure why they even try to make up a story.  Is it so that someone can get a screen writing credit?

Anyway, the movie was funny, but not great.  They blur a lot of people’s faces in the film, which to me means that anyone that is in the film signed some type of waiver to allow them to be shown.  Makes me wonder if these people were paid in any way.  I mean, you never know.  It seems like this really is a hidden camera and that these people are not acting, but whenever something is produced you can never be sure.  Just look at any of those reality shows you see on TV.  Didn’t one of those reality TV shows about people buying storages spaces get sued for being fake recently?  Not surprising at all.

But, if you like Jackass and Johnny Knoxville, then you will probably like this one.  Actually, it’s not really like Jackass at all.  More like if you like Knoxville.  If not, well, probably not so much.  Just keep in mind that if you don’t like the trailer, you will not like the movie.  And if you do like the trailer, you will not see a whole lot more than that in the rest of the movie.

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