Aug 052013


We entered the weekend with one dog, but ended it with two.  Yes, this past Saturday night, the little puppy you see in the picture here became dog #2 in the family.  This 9 week old lhasa apso named Bestie is all of 5 pounds right now.  She is always moving so much so many of the pictures I have of her are really blurry.  I’ll have to rectify that.

When we first brought her home, our 70 pound beast of a black lab Arya ran right toward her all excited.  And this scared the crap out of Bestie.  She did not make a peep the whole car ride home, but once she saw 70 pound of dog coming at her, she screamed and cried like crazy and ran behind a tree, and pee all over.  Our fault, as we know how crazy Arya can get when she is excited and wants to play.  I just hope that we did not ruin the relationship for life.

As we are finishing night #3 with the new little one, it is clear that while Bestie is still scared of Arya, she is not quite as bad as before.  They can walk together now, and can co-exist when Arya is not trying to play with her.  However, when Arya starts jumping up and down and pouncing, that is when she gets freaked out again.  Arya can knock me down.  Imagine what she can do to a 5 pound puppy.

That being said, it is also clear that Bestie is going to have a little spunk in her.  Whenever Arya’a face gets near her face, she starts to growl and snaps at Arya.  What makes this even worse is that Arya thinks that she is playing with her, and so gets really excited, jumps up and down, and then starts to play back by pouncing, which in turns scares the heck out of Bestie.

How is the former only princess taking all this?  It’s not bad, but not great either.  It is obvious that she is not happy that she has lost her title as only dog in the house.  Whenever Bestie plays with one of Arya’s toys, Arya hurries and grabs it first then takes it away.  When we play with Bestie, she just has this look in her that says, you guys suck.  She took one of her toys tonight at dinner and ran to a part of the house that she never ever goes to, and just laid there with her toy.  We felt bad, so locked up the little one and took the big baby to the park like we normally do to play fetch.  She seemed much more normal after that.

It will take some time, but I really hope they all get along.  I see signs of improvement that give hope, but there is a little worry in me.  My parents’ dogs don’t really like each other, but can just stomach each other.  I don’t really want that.   This 2nd puppy is going to require more work than the first.  Not only do we need to train her with the same things as Arya with respect to house training, but we also need to train them to get along, and for Arya to be quite a bit more gentle when playing with her.  It’s been 2 nights of little sleep so far, but that should get better, hopefully soon.

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