Aug 012013

I saw my doctor this week as I have now reached the 6 month point after my PRK surgery.  My eyes are great and I still see really well.  It’s so hard to even imagine myself wearing glasses or contacts now.  In fact, even though it has only been 6 months, I just recently saw myself in a picture that was just taken last year, and I thought, dang, I look funny.  Sheesh, I’m so vain and superficial.

Anyway, I went to see the doctor and they checked my eyes as usual.  There really was no change since the last time I saw him, with one eye slightly better than the other, and my overall vision being slightly worse than 20/20, but better than 20/25.  I’ll take that.

About the only complaint I really have is that my eyes get pretty red, dry and irritated, mostly late at night prior to sleeping and in the morning when I wake up.  When I get awoken by my alarm for work every morning, my eyes are particularly irritated, almost sore.  But, if I wake up on the weekends naturally, or I somehow wake up before my alarm sounds, my eyes don’t really bother me when waking up.  Not sure why.  This happens at night even if I use lots of drops throughout the night.

On that particular morning, my right eye happened to be bothering me more than normal.  He took a look at it and said it was dry.  The doctor told me that he would be more concerned if my dry eyes bothered me during the day too, and that night and morning were more common.  He recommended to me to try out a few things.  One was to start taking some flaxseed oil, which he says helps with keeping the front of the eyes from going dry.  I have already been using fish oil as a supplement, but he says that helps more with the back of the eye.  So, go ahead and take both since I already have fish oil, just take one in the morning and the other at night.

He also told me to try something called Refresh P.M., which I got on Amazon.  It’s a small little tube of gel.  You basically put a 1/4 inch of it in your eye before you go to sleep.  You don’t really want to put it in your eye at other times because it will just feel weird with that gel in your eye.  I’ve tried using it and thus far it’s been a bit more helpful.  My eyes no longer hurt when awoken by my alarm, at least for the first couple mornings.  I don’t really want to rely on this though since the little tube is not exactly cheap, and I don’t really feel that I should have to.  I think I’m going to use this entire tube, and then after that just rely on the flaxseed oil and go from there.  Let’s hope that this all goes away and I have both good vision, and non-irritated eyes at all times of the day.  I will see him again in 3 months, so we will have to see if there is any improvement in the dryness.  I’m not expecting much more improvement in the vision department, but that is okay because I am satisfied with that now.

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  1. Wow. This is precisely what I’ve been experiencing, although I’m 8 1/2 months along. Was recently prescribed “FreshKote” which are by far the best daytime drops. The redness still persists, as well as some halos and starbursts at night. I’ve heard some can take up to a year to completely heal, but they tell you “about 6 months” at the office. My vision is 20/20, but these issues really depress me. BTW: Try Genteal Gel for sleeping. It’s alot lighter, but still works well. Please let me know how your PRK experience is coming along, since our experiences are so similar, I sure hope things get better for you.

  2. @KR-Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I will try out Genteal Gel and see how that feels. So far, the Refresh PM seems to be doing a decent job. I’m waking up and feeling better than I was before. I hope things turn out well for you.

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