Jul 292013

We walked over to CPK over the weekend for some dessert (the butter cake with ice cream is great.  It has a cornbread like taste to it, and I love cornbread).  On the way back home we stopped by Trader Joe’s and saw their Speculoos Cookie Butter being restocked. The girlfriend had talked about this before and how it was really popular now.  We talked to the employee restocking them and she told us that it is still constantly flying off the shelves, although not quite as rapidly at this point.  In the past, they were limiting customers to 2 jars max.  So, we decided to get a jar.  Made the decision to make waffles the next day for the sole purpose of using this and trying it out.

So, after making my waffles the next morning, I spread this cookie butter on.  I liked it.  The girlfriend does not.  It has the same texture and consistency as peanut butter.  It kind of smells like gingerbread cookies.  The taste?  Kind of like crushed up graham cracker cookies or gingerbread cookies, only sweeter.  I sometimes eat my waffles with peanut butter and sometimes with maple syrup.  I now have a legitimate third option.  It’s not as sweet as the syrup, but definitely sweeter than peanut butter.  Nice range of options now for one of my favorite breakfast foods.

The next day, I put a slice of bread in toaster and then tried the cookie butter on that.  I liked it enough that I did the same thing after dinner tonight.  And I wonder why I have been gaining weight since I have returned from my Alaska cruise.  I think that a cookie butter and jelly sandwich instead of peanut butter might be a bit much, but I might have to try that some time.  I don’t normally eat those though, choosing normally to just use peanut butter.  I get in phases with my peanut butter cravings, where I can go weeks or months without it, and then I have to eat it everyday.  I can see myself doing the same thing with this cookie butter.

Bottomline?  I like it, but I don’t think it is so great that I would have to get two jars of this every time I visited Trader Joe’s.  It is definitely good enough for me that when I run out of the one jar we got, I could see myself getting it again, if I don’t go on any health nut binge (hehe, not likely).  It would just be all me though, since as I said before, this is not my girlfriend’s cup of tea.  In her words, “It tastes yucky.”

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