Apr 292013

Had yet another appointment with the doctor today, 4 months after my PRK surgery.  How was my vision?  As it has been in the past, my right eye is slightly better than my left eye.  I was able to read the 20/20 line, getting one of the letters wrong.  With my left eye, I was able to read the 20/25 line.  But, when I moved down to the 20/20 line, I was only able to get 2 right.  With both of my eyes, I was able to read all letters of the 20/20 line.  My doctor once again gave me the option of getting an adjustment if I was not happy, but I am not going to take him up on that offer.  I am happy with my vision.  I do not walk around with one eye closed.  So, if I can read the 20/20 line with both eyes open, isn’t that good enough?

I am still using rewetting drops throughout the day.  However, despite that, more times than not at night, my eyes get red and irritated.  Usually when I wake up, my eyes feel fine, but it just gets red at night.  Also, the inside corners of my eye itch at various times through the day.  I told my doctor both of these.  For the red eyes at night, he says that most of the time, eyes get red when they are dry.  He gave me gel rewetting drops and told me to try using them at night for only one of my eyes, and my normal rewetting drops on the other eye.  Then, later at night, compare my eyes and see if they both still get red.  Worth a shot I guess.  As for the itching, he gave me some antihistamine drops to use twice per day.  He says we are in allergy season now, so the drops could help with that.  I’ll have to try both of these out and see if my eyes get better physically.  Vision wise, I am great though.  The red eyes at night, I believe, will go away eventually.  If the slight itching really is caused by allergies, then that will hopefully go away eventually too.  But, all in all, things are going great.  I have another appointment with him in 3 months, but I don’t really anticipate much happening int that time.  I highly doubt my vision is going to get any better.  I just hope the dry eyes and redness disappears.  More a minor irritation than anything else.  All in all, the days of me complaining that my vision is blurry and taking forever to heal are over!  What a whiner I was.  🙂

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