Apr 032013

I just got my hair cut about an hour ago.  This is not the first time I have gotten my hair cut since my PRK procedure to correct my vision, but since it is just fresh in my mind, I decided to write a little something about it.  For as long as I can remember, when I cut my hair, there is a mirror in front of me, and I can see how my hair is being while it is happening.  Well, theoretically I was able to.  In fact, in all those years, I was not able to see anything. It was just a big blur.  I couldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror no matter how hard I squinted.  I took off my glasses before they started cutting my hair.  My hair was cut.  And then when it was done, I was asked if it looked okay.  I then, put my glasses on and saw the finished product for the first time.  I always say it looks okay, but it’s always a surprise to me because I have no idea what it looks like until I put those glasses on.

But not anymore!  While I was getting my hair cut, I saw exactly how my hair was being cut while it was being cut!  Granted it wasn’t compelling television, but it was just nice to be able to see something that I haven’t really been able to experience before.  While the lady was cutting my hair and telling me about her kids or family or whoever, I was able to see her eyes and expressions.  No longer was I just talking to someone like I would on a cell phone, only able to hear but not see anything.

And in the end, well, that was pretty much the same.  Only it wasn’t a surprise this time.  I was able to see the process from beginning to end.  I suppose some people like surprises, but it’s not something that is as fun when it comes to your hair.  Like I said earlier, this is not something that is spectacular and awesome, but just something that I noticed today while getting my hair cut.  Makes me wonder, in many years, if I will take this small moment for granted and not appreciate to joys of vision.

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