Mar 112013

I went in to see the doctor today once again.  I honestly don’t know if I notice much difference between now and the last time I posted.  As such, I had to go back and read my post to see where I was and compare to that point.  Firstly, after leaving the doctor’s appointment, I am pretty close to 20/20 overall.  With both of my eyes, I think I got one letter wrong from the 20/20 line.  My right eye is still slightly better than my left eye.

As for how I feel overall when compared to last time?  I can say that yes, it is better.  I still have the best vision in the morning.  My vision lasts much longer throughout the day now than it did in the past.  Whereas it used to be slightly worse when I got off work, not so much that I could not drive, but noticeably worse, now it is not so much.  At night, however, it still is worse than it is during the day.

I’m also better able to see anything that is projected in meetings now, no longer relegated to always having to sit in the front.  I have no problems at all reading, whether it be from paper, books, or the computer monitor.  I am still using my lubricating eye drops quite frequently throughout the day, but I sometimes think I do it more out of habit than out of necessity.  There are definitely times in which if I go too long without them my eyes feel irritated, but that is not the case too often.

The doctor said my eyes look great and he did still offer to me the chance to do an adjustment if I was not happy where I was.  I still have some more healing to go though.  I think that even if I were to stay where I am now and not improve any more, I would not take up my doctor’s offer on another adjustment.  It wouldn’t cost anything, financially, but I don’t think I’d really want to go through with it again to go from slightly worse than 20/20 to something like 20/20 or slightly better than 20/20.  I’m quite happy where I am now, never having to wear glasses or put in contacts every day.  If my night vision is always slightly worse than my day vision, I suppose I could ask to get some glasses just for driving at night just to be extra safe, though I’m able to drive fine at night now.

I can drive well.  I can work well.  I can read well.  All without glasses.  I suppose I could hope to see slightly better from afar.  But, that seems more like nitpicking at this point.  Besides, I may reach that point regardless.  We’ll see in 7 more weeks, when the doctor has decided I should go and see him again.

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  1. did you ever get your clarity back? I am planning on getting PRK done next year. My cousin had it down back in Jan of this year and after about a week she was 100% good to go and never had any problems.

  2. Wow, your cousin is lucky. My vision is great now, but it definitely took me longer than a week to recover. It was closer to a few weeks for me. Good luck to you. I would tell you that a week seems fast to me. If your prescription is strong I would guess healing time will be closer to mine than your cousin.

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