Jan 282013

Week 3 since my PRK surgery has come and gone.  As the days passed by, I did not really notice a whole lot of difference or improvement.  The only thing that I can say for sure is that I could read and see the computer monitor better than the start of the week.  I have not put my resolution back to where it was pre-surgery yet, but it’s no longer set up so that 2 words fit on the screen at once.  That being said, better does not necessarily imply that it is great either.  Near the end of each work day, my vision gets much blurrier than it was in the morning.  The same can be said for reading.  After about 30 minutes to an hour of reading, the words start to become more fuzzy, and then that spreads to other things after I’m done reading.

As for distance viewing, for the most part I can function, but it’s pretty much on the verge of me needing glasses.  Definitely not as strong a prescription as I had pre-PRK, but definitely needing some help.  The proof?  I still have a hard time reading some street signs.  And every time I pass by a gas station, I purposely try to look at the price, and I pretty much can’t see it until I’m right about to near it.  That is definitely not good since when I had my glasses before, I was able to see the price from much farther out.  Also, when watching TV, things are still not totally clear, even in HD.  And I still can’t make out what my receiver says, when before I was able to with glasses.

One other thing that I have noticed is that some days were slightly better or worse than the other.  So, its definitely not improvement every day.  Each morning, when I drove to work, I tested myself by looking at how many total miles were on my car.  Some days I was able to read them clearly, able to make out each and every number completely.  Other days, I was able to make out the mileage, but only because my mind makes the assumption about what each number is.  If I had to identify each number individually, it was not so clear.  Unfortunately for me, the same could not be said about the aforementioned reading of street signs and gas prices.  For the most part, I just can’t make those out until my car is closer.

At night, I would say that my vision is slightly worse than it is during the day.  I can see everything, but when there is not a lot of light in the area, it’s much harder to make things out.  Case in point, when driving in a neighborhood  this past week with not very many street lamps, a jaywalker was crossing the street and stopped in the middle of the road for me to pass.  I did not really see him until I had almost already passed him.  Not sure if this was a consequence of the surgery, or if it was really just too dark on that street.  I want to say it’s the surgery, as I don’t really remember not being able to make out people crossing the street in the past, but maybe I just didn’t really notice because it was too dark and he was wearing dark clothes.

I also saw my doctor earlier this week too.  I had the appointment in the morning, so my vision was probably better than it was later that day.  But, I was told that my right eye was seeing 20/30 and my left eye was still only at 20/50.  Pretty disappointing in my view, but he said that I still need to give it more time.  It is so hard to be patient and wondering if my eyes really will heal.  My next appointment is in 4 weeks.  Let’s hope the doctor will say both eyes are 20/20 by then.

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