Jan 112013

It has been 1 full week since my PRK procedure last Friday.  Has been difficult to read things on the computer lately, so jotted some things on paper the last few days:

Post PRK-Day 4

I woke up still pretty sensitive to light.  After finally getting up, my vision seemed like it was pretty much the same as yesterday.   I still see with a haze around, like the previous day.  I could read slightly better today, but it’s still not great.  I really need to strain and it is still fuzzy.  Looking at things on the computer monitor is even worse.  I need to make the font pretty large in order to see things.  When I went out at night, I saw that my night vision was better than the previous night in that light sources I looked at were no longer about 4 times their actual size.

Day 5

My light sensitivity has decreased a little bit more, but haze still exists.  Vision, if better, is barely better.  Things are still not sharp or crisp.  I can see and make out things, such as signs.  But, they just aren’t completely in focus.  I guess it’s kind of like when you take a picture that is not completely in focus.  You can make out what you are seeing, but it is just not clear.  Once again, my reading has improved, but it strains my eyes too much to do so for more than a few minutes.  Surfing is much the same as well, with the blowing up of the screen fonts required.  Looking at images on my monitor are not clear either.  When laying in my bed, I can only barely make out the words SAMSUNG on the bottom of my TV, but I would guess that I can make it out only because I know what it says.  Paying a bill online was a bit of a hassle as I had to make out the actual payment amounts that were too small for me to really read.  I also watched TV for the first time today, catching the last few minutes of a basketball game.  The game, in HD, was not sharp.  Kind of like when you are watching non-HD content on a big screen HD TV.  Also played a board game tonight and the board and cards were blurry to me.  I had to move my head up close to get a good look at the board each time.

Day 6

I woke up and it did seem a little less blurry to me, but only slightly.  Light does not seem to bother me that much anymore, though I still use my sunglasses whenever I go out.  Reading on paper is better, but still need to strain to do so.  Inside the house the haze doesn’t seem to bother me that much.  When I go outside though, it definitely exists.  My black labrador still seems like a big blur when she is laying across the room from me.  Online vision is slightly better, but still needs to be enlarged.  I still have not driven yet, but I feel confident that I am able to.  When I was going home from LA, the opposing cars’ headlights were bothering me, so I put my sunglasses on.

Day 7

Had my 1 week follow up visit today.  I would say that my light sensitivity still exists, but is not a huge issue now.  I think that throughout this week, what has been noticeably improving for me is my night vision, my sensitivity to light, my ability to read, and my haziness.  Throughout the entire time, there really has been no pain physically.  What seems to have not really improved, or at least not improved much, is my visual clarity.  This is especially evident when I am trying to read, as the letters just do not appear sharp.  I’m typing this right now with my font slightly enlarged.  After the doctor visit, he said that I was somewhere between 20/40 and 20/50.  I suppose that is very slight improvement since last Monday when I was 20/50, but not exactly what I would want.  Hopefully that improves.  At this point, I’m slightly more concerned with being able to read and use the computer with focused and crisp vision without straining than I am about reaching 20/20, although of course I’d want both.  The doctor says that my epithelium is healed, but the stroma was still like a construction zone that needed more time to be completed.  I see him again in 10 days so hopefully by then things will be better than they are now, as it’s pretty frustrating trying to recover fully.  I go back to work Monday, which I think would be post PRK Day 9.  Hopefully I will be able to function well.  I was at a Walmart today and using the +1.00 reading glasses, I was able to read better.  Maybe I’ll get a pair for work so that it will be easier to read until the healing has finally completed and I can actually read well again.  The irony.  That being all said, it is nice not having to put on glasses every morning and being able to read the clock and such.  I can see and function without my glasses like I was never able to before.  Just need the rest of everything else to come along with it.

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