Jan 072013

Today is day 2 post PRK.  When I woke up today, it was the same as yesterday in that the light shining through the edges of the curtain was too bright for me.  After I finally got up and put my drops in, I noticed that my vision definitely regressed today versus the previous day.  Everything seems a lot more blurry today.  Physically, my eyes feel fine  They don’t hurt, with maybe a slight irritation in my left eye.  But, other than that they feel physically better than yesterday.  Though, they are a lot more sensitive to light today.  Kind of like staring at a really bright light whenever I see too much light.

But, the worst part is the vision itself is not great.  If my doctor did not tell me yesterday that this might happen, then I’d probably be a lot more worried that I am.  I still am a little nervous, but not too overly worried as the doctor prepped me for this beforehand.  I suppose, when compared to how I was before the surgery without glasses, I am still tons better than what I can see now.  Maybe if that were not the case I’d be even more freaked out.

It’s really difficult typing this post right now too since everything is a blur.  So, if there are spelling errors or typos or just poorly written grammer, I apologize.  Yesterday I would of felt fairly confident driving on local roads that I know.  Today though, no way.  I could probably manage if I really had to, but I definitely would not trust myself to do so.  I did a little test on what I could read and I can see slightly better out of my left eye than my right eye, as the words on this screen are blurrier with that right eye.

My vision did not really improve as the day progressed.  We went on a little trip to the store and even with my sunglasses on, when driving directly into the sun, it was a little painful.  I guess I really am sensitive now.  It was even worse when we drove at night.  All the light sources I saw were about 4 times bigger than they actually were.  It actually looked like how I was seeing at night without glasses, but pre-surgery.  Not quite as bad, but the same effect.

So, I can only hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning it will be much improved.  I see my doctor tomorrow in the late afternoon as that is when he guessed my eyes would be healed and I could remove the contacts.  If not, I’ll have to go back on Tuesday.  The saying two steps forward, one step back seems very appropriate right now.  Hopefully though the steps from now on are only going forward.  Small steps I guess, but not really freaking out at this point.

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  1. stop blogging and rest your eyes jasers! it’s going to delay your healing process. hope you see your results soon

  2. Just went to doctor and he told me things are looking good, even though what I see through my eyes isn’t exactly good. 🙂

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