Jan 062013

It’s one day since my PRK surgery.  When I woke up, my eyes were pretty sensitive to light.  I closed my eyes almost immediately as the light shining into my room was really bright.  Physically, my eyes felt much the same as they did after waking from my nap the previous day.  Visually, about the same as well.  Nothing really hurts, more a discomfort and irritation.

I went in to see the doctor in the morning.  He looked at my eyes and says that my eyes have healed from the previous day.  He removed 8 mm of the top layer of my eye, and 2 mm have grown back.  He thinks that I will be able to remove my contact lens on Monday afternoon, which would be day 3 post surgery.  Here’s hoping.  He also warned me that Day 2 of the recovery is usually worse, but not to worry as that is normal.  I’m able to go on walks or light exercise on flat surfaces or stationary bikes if I so choose.  Also, if I want to watch a movie, he says that I can go ahead and do so.  Just bring my drops with me in case.

The rest of the day, my eyes are pretty much unchanged.  I wore my sunglasses whenever I went outside.  We took the dog to the park for an hour or so to play with her.  I also played a little bit with my phone as I was not having too difficult a time doing so.  Other than that, the day is pretty uneventful.

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