Jan 062013

I had my PRK surgery on a Friday at 10 am.  I was not as nervous as I thought I would be.  I think that after hours and hours of looking over stuff and numerous conversations with my doctor, I suppose I knew what to expect.  Just a little nervous I suppose.

The first thing we did was to measure my eyes multiple times for the last time to feed into the actual laser.  After that was done, I was taken to a room and given final instructions and such by the doctor. I put on a hair band, he put some numbing drops in my eyes and I was off to the actual surgical room.

I lied down in a chair in which my feet were higher than my head, kind of like when you lay down for an incline bench press, but not quite so angled.  They set up the laser over my eye, such that I’m just staring at a blinking orange light.  I’m pretty much going to be staring at that light the whole time.

They started with one eye and covered the other one.  My eyelids were taped down, and my eyes kept open with a little instrument.  A ring was put over my eye and alcohol poured on it.  Then, the top layer of my eye was wiped away.  The actual excimer laser was then used.  I’m supposed to stare at the blinking light the whole time, and while the laser is working, I just hear a bunch of clicking noises.  It lasts for about 10 seconds.   The girlfriend told me that there was smoke coming out too, though obviously I didn’t see that.  There is also a smell too, burning flesh?  The doctor then added a chemical called mitomycin C, which is supposed to help with haze, flushed with water, put in a band aid contact lens, then that eye was done.  Exact same thing done on the other eye, and I am done.

They have me sit up with my eyes closed for a minute, then I open them.  It kind of feels like I am seeing underwater at first.  A little irritated, like sand in my eyes.  But, that kind of clears, and it’s a little blurry, but I can definitely see much better now than before when I did not have glasses on.  I recover back in my room, where I am given instructions on the eye drops that I am given.  I’m also given a pair of sunglasses that I’m supposed to wear whenever I am outdoors as my eyes are pretty sensitive to light now.  And also a pair of plastic eye lids that I’m supposed to tape to my face while I sleep.  My doctor also gave me his home and cell number in case I had any questions or things came up.  The whole thing took maybe an hour to hour and fifteen minutes.

We left the place and actually went to get lunch first as it’s about lunch time now.  I cannot clearly see the menu on the wall, but I can definitely see it better than I did pre operation.  Before, I probably wouldn’t have been able to see that they were even words. Just a bunch of white blur with black.

When I got home, I just slept for a few hours.  When I wake up, my vision is about the same.  I’m able to see more clearly than before, but definitely not clear.  It’s hard to look at a computer monitor, but not as bad as paper.  So, I write a bunch of notes about this experience and am typing it all up now based on those notes.  Physically, my eyes feel ok, though they are irritated.  They feel like my eyes normally do if I ever wear contacts for 12 hours straight and its the end of the day.  Hopefully it gets better.  Better than before, but that would not be satisfactory.  The girlfriend recorded a video of the whole thing through a window so I’ll try to post that at some point as well, if it doesn’t gross you out too much.

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