Jan 032013

It has been something 20 years since I put on my first pair of glasses, as I was having a hard time seeing the chalk board way back when.  It’s been 10+ years since I’ve been wearing them every waking minute, as my eyes are so bad enough that I can’t really see without them.  But, today, hopefully, will be the last day.  My PRK surgery is set for tomorrow morning.  I started taking my eyedrops yesterday, and after waking up tomorrow, will make the trek over to get this procedure done.

If I remember correctly, my eyes are -6.75 and -7.75, with slight astigmatism in one eye.  After going through a battery of tests, the doctor thinks that everything will turn out great and I won’t be needing glasses after tomorrow.  I’ll probably need them when I get closer to 40-45 years old for reading, but he says that would be the case with or without this procedure.

My surgery is on a Friday.  I try not to think about it too much because despite all the people who have gone through this procedure and LASIK, it is still pretty scary and nerve-racking.  Having a laser shot into your eye?  Freaky.  It will be even more angst ridden immediately after the procedure and during the weekend as PRK takes longer to recover from than LASIK.  I believe with LASIK, you are able to see great the next day.  I will be wearing a band-aid contact lens, and from what the doctor tells me, I will feel like I have something in my eyes the whole weekend since my eyes will be healing from having the top layer of it burned away prior to the excimer laser doing its work.  Just typing that sounds painful and scary.

Anyway, hopefully all goes well and I will be able to share only good  and happy thoughts afterward.    Not sure how well I will be able to see the day of surgery and during the weekend as the eyes recover, but will let you know.

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