Dec 192012

I decided a few months back that this coming year would finally be the one that I get LASIK done and be done with my glasses and contacts.  I saw various doctors.  One of them is supposedly the most famous one in Orange County and has done the eyes of a lot of celebrities and athletes, and I know probably 7 people who had LASIK done with him.  I saw a couple other guys that I saw on Yelp who had good reviews.  All the doctors that I went to said that I was a good candidate to have LASIK done.  All 3 were about the same price.

The doctor that I ended up choosing made me feel the most comfortable.  He is a board certified fellow trained Ophthalmologist.  He was very patient with me, answering all my questions.  In fact, after my first meeting with him, I saw some other doctors, sent him an email with more questions, and he called me and we talked for about 30 minutes.  I suppose some pessimists would say that he is desperate for patients and does not have a lot.  But, I didn’t really feel that way.  I had a subsequent email for him and he also called me back after that.  After talking with him, he felt that although LASIK would be okay for me like the other doctors said, my corneal thickness was normal, but on the low side of that.  PRK, which actually was a procedure that came out before LASIK, uses the same laser, but cutting the flap is not needed.  Instead, the surgeon removes the outer layer of epithelium on the cornea, and then the excimer laser is used.  Because the flap is not cut, it allows for people with thinner corneas to undergo refractive surgery.  The drawback though is the longer recovery time.  With LASIK you are pretty much good the next day.  PRK takes about a week.  I requested a couple of weeks off from work, made my PRK appointment, and in a couple of weeks I will hopefully be glasses free.

I will say that sometimes it is pretty scary reading what is out there.  For the most part, the people who are the loudest and most vocal are the ones that have a bad experience.  I read a lot of stories of people who had PRK done that was still not seeing right months later.  True I read some good stories, but definitely not as many and not as detailed.  But, I  still decided to go through with it, even though all my other friends did not have the same procedure done.

I had my pre-op yesterday.  After going through their battery of tests, the doctor once again suggest that PRK would probably be the best for me.  I have -7.75 and -6.75 prescription with slight astigmatism.  I think my corneas were something like 501 and 522.  A couple of days before the surgery, I need to put drops in 4 times per day.  I need to stay hydrated.  I need to use some baby shampoo to wash my eyelashes the day before the surgery.  No wearing cologne or aftershave on the day of.

It’s pretty freaky, but prior to actually selecting this doctor I read up a lot about both PRK and LASIK.  I actually went on a website run by a surgeon in London and asked him some questions too.  It’s kind of freaky when I think about it, as this is my vision after all.  But, this doctor does make me feel much more comfortable, is not pushy, is willing to answer any questions, and just has great bedside manner.  He says that on the day of my surgery, he will give me his home/personal number like he does all his patients and that I should call him if anything comes up.  So, now I am just in a waiting game.   Come early next year, I will be undergoing CustomVue PRK with Mitomycin C.

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