May 212012

I just got back from a Korean grocery market and bought the only instant noodles that I ever buy and eat at home.  I saw them on sale, pictured above, was running low on them at home, and so it was a no brainer and I got myself a 20 pack.  Seeing as how I grew up in an Asian household, I’ve eaten instant noodles pretty much all my life.  But, I have found my favorite, and now these are the only ones I ever get.  The only other ones that I have in my kitchen cabinet are ones that were given to me.

I just looked on Amazon, my favorite online retailer as you all know, and apparently they sell it there too.  However, seeing as how, at least just this one time that I looked, the Korean grocery store I got them at today was cheaper.  So, if you have that option and its close by, get them there.  But, if you just want to try this out and you don’t know where to get them, now you do.

Why do I like these noodles?  I just like the flavor.  Its got a nice beef flavor, and has a nice little kick too it.  Almost too spicy for me.  For sure too spicy for the girlfriend, and when we make a couple, I can’t add the whole spice pack to the soup base.  Now, I’m not a food critic in any way, and I don’t have a talent for putting flavor to words to make you guys imagine.  But, if the only instant noodles that you have ever had are the ones you get at the American Supermarkets that are like 5 for a buck, most probably Maruchan, then you need to make the switch.  Those Maruchan ones have no taste other than salt.  The taste of these Korean noodles just puts those to shame.

Now, let me just make sure I put things in perspective.  Yes, these are my favorite instant noodles, and I have not bought another brand in years.  But, these are INSTANT noodles.  So, it’s not like these are gourmet noodles that you can get at a restaurant or that you can home make from scratch.  If you are Asian, you know that these are the comfort foods that you make when you want a quick 5 minute dinner.  Or if you are in college, it’s the only foods that you can afford to eat everyday.  You always have to have these types of foods in the kitchen for those days in which you just don’t feel like cooking.

But, let me just say that I like these noodles enough that sometimes I just crave them, and I make them, not just because they are fast and easy to make, but because they just taste that good.

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