Mar 302011

I’ve posted before about my experiences with getting and finally removing braces.  For the first 6 months or so after removing them, I wore my retainers all the time, except when I was eating.  After I got the go ahead from the orthodontist, I only wore them at night.  That has been the case ever since and I still do it every night.  That is until a couple weekends ago when I popped in my top retainer and after doing so it just felt funny in my mouth.  WTH?  As you can see in the picture above, my retainer broke at the solder point on the right side.  I spent a lot of money buying my retainer so it was not something I was too happy about.  Like I really needed to spend more money.

Anyway, went to the dentist and it turned out the news was not so bad.  After taking them to the lab, they were fixable!  The retainer was re-soldered at the broken point.  In addition, they said that the other side was going to break in the near future so they re-soldered that point as well.  And it didn’t cost too much (especially since the gf paid it, hehe).  Thus, if your retainer breaks, make sure to ask if it can be repaired first before necessarily asking for a whole new one.  I’ve seen pictures of other Hawley retainers, and they looked different than mine.  Many didn’t have a solder point like mine.  So, I don’t know if mine are just different or what.  But, since I did get them repaired, I have no problem whatever with it.  So long as if I keep wearing them my teeth don’t become all crooked again, making the years and having braces be a big waste.

I do wonder, though, if I really have to wear my retainers the rest of my life.  I asked someone about that at my work before and he told me no, you don’t have to.  I nodded, but inside I was thinking..ummmm, your teeth are crooked, so I ain’t listening to you.  But, others I have talked to do not wear them regularly and their teeth are fine.  Maybe I’ll talk to dentist and see what the difference is to what they recommend versus what you can really do.

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