May 142008

Here are some things that I can think of that when it happens to me, it bugs me. But, either I’m just not a confrontational person or it just doesn’t bug enough to act. Only in the order I think of these as:

1. People who leave the water on when brushing their teeth. I don’t know why this bugs me, it just does. I see it often at work when people brush their teeth after lunch. Hello!!? We live in CA, a place known for water shortages. What’s the point of leaving the water on??? Too lazy to turn it off, then turn it back on after you are done brushing??

2. People who hit the button to get on an elevator, see that its full, and decide to take the next one. Then, after maybe some employee encouraging, decide to get on just as the doors are closing. Get the freak on right away or don’t get on at all!

3. Sticking with the elevator, people who hit the button, door opens and they continue their conversation with someone not getting on the elevator. Then they hold the door open to continue their conversation, making everyone already on wait. Are you kidding me?? Don’t freaking hit the button until you are ready to get on!

4. People who text while the movie is playing in a movie theater. Now, you know from previous posts, I’m a text guy. Texting allows you to talk to people in places where you can’t normally talk. However, the theater is not one of those places. Its freaking dark and your phone is freaking bright. At least if you are texting in a meeting or the library or wherever else you can’t talk, texting will not bother anyone. It does in a theater! Don’t even get me started on people who actually answer a call in the middle of a movie.

5. People who answer their cell phones in the middle of a meeting. Ummm, hello?? Are you so important that you have to disturb the whole meeting so you can answer your phone?? Let it go to freaking voice mail.

6. People who complain about money when they make more then you. Ummm…go complain to your rich friends because you won’t get any sympathy here.

7. Girls, and I guess guys for that matter, who wear revealing clothes when they have things that should not be revealed.

8. People who say dogs are just dogs. STFU because you don’t know what you are talking about. If my dog and you are both sick and need to go to a vet or a hospital, you better get a taxi cuz I ain’t driving you.

9. People who complain about money, yet keep spending as if its not an issue. Don’t tell me you are poor when you go out every night. Again, no sympathy here. If you start taking the bus to work, or cancel your cell phone or cable tv or internet, or bring your lunch everyday, then maybe I’ll listen to your complaints.

10. People who say bad things about something they have never ever tried before. Ummmm…what right do you have to complain? Don’t tell me that something is boring or dumb or whatever if you’ve never done it before. Stop being boring yourself and go try something adventurous for once in your life. Who knows, you might actually like it.

11. People who live here, but complain about how crappy it is. Ummm…this one is so annoying, it might be my number 1 on this list. I love living in So Cal. Weather is awesome, there are tons of things to do here. Sure there are problems, but what place doesn’t have them? But, if you live here and bitch about it everyday, say how much you hate it all the time, then freaking move!! What the hell are you here for. If you don’t want to be here, then I don’t want you here either. Homes are too expensive right now, maybe if this place was less desirable prices would drop. So do us a favor and leave.

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  1. there are several gems here, i can’t even pick which one is my fave. but i’d have to say i really enjoyed the STFU to people who say dogs are just dogs.

    once i did get pissed off at someone who shouted, “WAITTT!” for me to hold the elevator for him when he was quite a distance away. it’s like dude, we have 6 elevators! so i held it but i added, “you know one comes every few seconds right?”


  2. when are u going to blog about all you ladiezzzzzzz

  3. so true, jasers. i am especially with you on water and cell phones. how many billions of people in the world have no access to clean water and morons just let it run like it’s an endless supply. and if you’re in a meeting, that phone should be silent or off! it also annoys me when people hesitate to get on an elevator, asking – is this going up or down? um, why don’t you look at the lit or unlit elevator button you pressed?

  4. I agree with #9

    Vu says he is poor and he won’t even buy me BC fries, but he goes out almost every night. Yesterday, he ate Korean BBQ.

  5. Hahaha. Vu, the weeg sounds bitter…better buy her some BC fries!!

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